Mynft is a team focused on NFT product development, which has been invested from the seed round by major funds like HashKey, Dapperlabs, SevenX, EVG, and Y2Z.

Currently, the project has two main products: ****and So let's find out in detail what these two main products are.

📚 1. SUIA

1.1 Introduction

Untitled is the first POAP application of Suiverse. Suia comes from "Sui Attendance" in the Social segment. The project wants to provide Web3 brands and users with a unique sense of interactivity, ownership, and new ways to play.

1.2 Why Suia?

1.3 Activity


1.4 Partners

Currently, the project is implementing many campaigns to attract big partners such as Suiet, Ethos, Movex, BitKeep, Clutchy, etc.